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Jenks’ Addi Dodder Athlete Spotlight Presented by Riverside Pediatrics

Addi Dodder
Jenks Basketball
Jenks High School junior Addi Dodder is proud to call herself a Trojan. From being part of
the varsity basketball team, STUCO, student body leadership, National Honor Society, Math
Club, FCA, and Drug Free Youth, Dodder said being a Trojan is something she loves.
“I would say the thing I love most about Jenks is the people that surround me. Even though
Jenks is so big, it has that small school feel where everyone knows everyone. Being an
athlete at Jenks has been such a great experience because I get to play for a school a love.
Every time I step on the court, I know I’m representing a school that is truly amazing and
supports me,” said Dodder.
Dodder is a shooting guard for the Lady Trojans, but she has the talent to play all over the

“I love how close me, and my teammates are. It’s truly a bond that you can’t get anywhere
else. We all love each other, and these girls are like family to me,” said Dodder.
Dodder takes being a student as serious as she takes being an athlete.
“My favorite subject is science. I have had Mr. Breig for Chemistry and AP biology and he is
awesome! He has taught me more than just science, but how to be a good person,” said

When there is some free time, Dodder said she loves to volunteer.
“I love to volunteer and spend time with people I love. I’ve gotten the chance to volunteer
in places all over Tulsa and it’s been so cool to see how much of an impact we can make. I
love to be around people that make me happy. So, either if that’s going to OSU football
games or something simple like going to sonic to get a drink, it’s all super fun to me,” said

The junior said she is undecided on what she wants to do after she graduates.
“Right now, I’m undecided about what I want to do. I would love to see where basketball
can take me, but if that doesn’t work out, I would love to be a Cowgirl at Oklahoma State. As
of now, I plan to study something that involves science and even possibly go into medical

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