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Jenks Swimmer Ethan Adkins Reflects on the Season – Presented by Excel Therapy

Ethan Adkins

Jenks High School

Jenks High School sophomore Ethan Adkins was a member of another outstanding swim team for the Trojans. The sophomore competed in the 100 butterfly, 100 breaststroke, and the 200 IM.

“This season was my best season yet. I have improved in every single event I swam this year. I finished lifting a first-place trophy with my team at the 6A state meet,” said Adkins.

What makes Jenks swim so good? Adkins said it’s a combination of things.

“Many things are what makes Jenks swimming so great. Coach Diego, Coach Morgan, and Coach Kathy really work hard and push us constantly in and out of the water. They’re constantly giving us great advice and are always there when we need it most. Another reason our team is so great is the people that are on it. My teammates are some of the greatest and smartest people I know. They constantly push, not just me but each and every one of us. They make sure that the environment we have in and out of the pool is one we want to be around for our entire high school life,” said Adkins.

Academics are important to the team as well. Being a student-athlete at Jenks means you are also focused on your grades.

“What I love most about being a student-athlete at Jenks is how much comfort we get as athletes and students and our super nice facilities. As student athletes I always feel like the school always has our back to ensure that we have the best possible environment for each and every one of us,” said Adkins. “We are very privileged to have such nice facilities to train in, not everyone gets those chances to do that, and it is a highlight of being a student-athlete here at Jenks.”

As for those same teammates Adkins hoisted the title with…

“What I love most about my teammates are the family we get from them. This year we really stepped up and became closer than ever. I know that if I was ever struggling with anything they’ll always have my back no matter what,” said Adkins.

When high school comes to an end for Adkins, he plans to attend college and would like to compete at the next level.

“After I graduated from Jenks, I want to go on to swim at the college level, where I plan to major in political science, and eventually got to law school.”

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